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After much research and consideration,  Nields Junior, Infant and Nursery School is proposing to join the Great Heights Academy Trust (GHAT). Our school has been looking to strengthen its position for a long time and the governors have carefully considered a number of Trusts in order to find one that shares our vision. Most importantly, we’ve sought a partner who shares our passion for learning, our values and our hopes for the future. After many discussions and school visits we believe GHAT is the right partner. Together we can move forward, grow and provide the best possible educational experience for our children.

The benefits for us as a school include additional support in developing an excellent curriculum practice and greater learning outcomes for all our children. In addition to this we be able to share our knowledge with others and provide more opportunities for our staff to grow.

We share an ambition of supporting our young people to aim high. To give them the right knowledge, skills, and opportunities to fulfil their potential. Joining GHAT will help build a stronger trust with more educational opportunities for our area’s children and help to secure a thriving school community for many years to come. GHAT is looking forward to working with us for the benefit of our pupils, staff and community.


This union will link us more closely with other schools in our area; Marsden Junior School and Colne Valley High School are due to join GHAT in the coming months. Local collaboration will ensure that the interests of each school and their
communities continue to be at the heart of decision-making.

For our leaders and staff, GHAT offers many professional development opportunities such as the English Hub, Research School and, SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) that focus on developing and supporting great teachers across
schools and post-16 phases, providing continued growth and support in all stages of teacher career pathways. We believe that this opportunity will give our school the links and support needed for us to ensure the best possible experience for our
children and staff.

With reference to ‘DFE Building Stronger Trusts’, May 2021

  • The government’s vision is for every school to be part of a family of schools in strong academy trust

  • For our most vulnerable pupils, academy trusts can pool resource and expertise to make the interventions needed to improve outcomes. They can offer effective special education needs and disabilities (SEND) support and pastoral care, Academy trusts running more than one school, disadvantaged pupils made significantly more progress in writing and maths by the end of primary school than the national average for disadvantaged pupils.

  • Strong academy trusts can use the opportunities of school-to-school partnerships to provide rich, rewarding opportunities for children, promoting their wider spiritual, moral, cultural and social development.

  • Academy trusts can make the most effective use of centralised processes and back-office functions to empower schools to focus on teaching and knowledge building.

  • Strong academy trusts ensure all staff and functions are focused on improvement, so that central functions empower teachers and leaders to focus on advancing education. The academy trust structure allows administrative functions, policies and financial management to be delivered centrally, allowing school leaders to prioritise education.

The Role of the RSC


The Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC) for Lancashire and West Yorkshire oversees
the creation of new Multi Academy Trusts, assesses their progress and viability and works
with all schools to ensure they are supported to improve and to address underperformance.

Regional schools commissioners (RSCs) act on behalf of the Secretary of State for Education
and are accountable to the National Schools Commissioner. RSCs work with the Education
and Skills Funding Agency
(ESFA) to provide oversight and scrutiny of academy trusts’
performance, in line with the established framework for academy trusts.


RSC responsibilities include:

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