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Nields Junior, Infant & Nursery School has announced  its intention to formally
join the Great Heights Academy Trust (GHAT), a multi-academy trust comprising
eight schools.

The governing body at Nields has been considering joining a local academy trust for some months and has decided that GHAT is the right fit.

We have a shared vision, it’s a vision to raise local aspiration within our community. From our schools perspective, there are real benefits to be gained from collaboration with GHAT. Specifically, the opportunity to offer a fully inclusive 2-18 educational journey for our children. Also, to develop excellent curriculum practice for each key stage, supporting greater learning outcomes for all of our pupils.

It’s our shared ambition to support our young people to aim high, to give them the right knowledge, skills, and opportunities and to provide the right pathways to fulfil their potential.

However, there are still several processes for the trust to navigate before Nields can formally join GHAT, including presenting the proposal to the locality Regional Schools Commissioner.

The consultation starts on 16th January 2023 and will run until February half-term 2023. Joint discussions on partnership working and subsequent HR and legal reporting is scheduled for the spring term with a potential launch of  September 2023. 

Our aim is to foster strong governance at local level, to provide a secure foundation for effective Trust leadership. We value local governors’ connections with the communities they serve and their knowledge of what they expect from the schools.

GHAT Looks forward to working in partnership with Nields for the benefit of all the pupils.

Core Principles

This proposal is led by the Governing Body of Nields in consultation with all key stakeholders.

Whilst the school and the trust board take the final decision, with RSC (Regional Schools Commissioner) approval, the planned transition phase in the next 6 months would address the importance of:

  • aligning values and vision,

  • creating a memorandum of understanding,

  • sustaining the unique identity of Nields both now and in the future,

  • addressing all practical, legal, operational and strategic matters in order to create a ‘new’ trust.

Opportunities for further individual group discussions with governors, staff and all local stakeholders may take place during February and March 2023, please see our FAQs page for more details.

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